As we all know, China’s real estate market has long been in a “speculative” level, over speculation makes real estate become the birthplace of “richest man.” Long-term abnormal prices in the water, so that Chinese people buy a house in this state of mindlessness. People have to pay a down payment for a lifetime to afford a home. In China, residents who can’t afford housing still account for a large proportion, and rents are rising even in the rental market. To enjoy life is a luxury for people who want to survive. The gap between rich and poor continued to pull the matrix, and the mentality of hatred in the community deepened. 80% of the community resources are concentrated in the hands of 20% of the rich, while 80% of the general public are fiercely competing for 20% of the resources. Housing policy is an economic policy as well as a social livelihood policy. Therefore, the house is not used for speculation but for living. Allow prices steady, no doubt the majority of the people buy a house is difficult to reach consensus.

For many Chinese people who really need to buy a house, the road to buying a house in 2017 goes a long way. In the first half of the year, people bought their houses for luck and in the second half they relied on financial resources and relationships. Many Chinese cities have entered the property market full time to buy a house, astronomical recognition of the era of high prices, looking for relations era.

In China, a group of people are called “real estate speculators.” They are good at borrowing and have a catalytic effect on rising house prices. Like high-rate catalysts, they are able to quickly shorten the 3-year appreciation of space to 1 year. “Real estate” this group, not a strict organization, but by the different wealth circle. The essence of the real estate speculation is actually to find a potential city. In the initial stage of economic growth in this city, we advocate housing prices with professional propaganda tools and take advantage of price leverage to drive up prices and make huge profits in a short period of time. Or wait for the butterfly effect, take advantage of Fisherman, with the fastest time to the city’s real estate potential in advance overdraft.

The emergence of real estate speculation is a product of the real estate bubble economy. In addition, according to Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation, local governments rely on their own initiative to promote economic growth and can independently control the only core resources of land, they are the policy makers and performers of land moderate hunger policy, land development rights and money transaction participation By. This means that the greater the real estate expansion, the greater the benefits of local governments, so they are hard to blame. The real estate company’s senior accountants who can make a lot of efforts to increase the cost of real estate accounts on the amount. To the outside world caused by the higher and higher real estate prices have to raise the false phase.

Recently, Yin Yong, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, attended the forum and said that the central bank insists on the positioning of ” The house is for living, not for speculation “, while China’s livable city of Chengdu also follows Shanghai, Nanjing and Changsha, into the era of house registrations via a lottery system, which for the back of the black box operation has played a deterrent. Under the strictly implemented limit price policy, the price of new residential houses in Chengdu has been controlled to a certain extent.

However, some real estate experts believe that although house registrations via a lottery system is fair, the fundamental reason for the difficulty in buying a home lies in the serious imbalance of supply and demand. Therefore, the amount of supply will not change in any way, but only changes the mode of sales. On the change of sales mode. Price is an important indicator of the extent of hot and cold real estate market, China’s housing prices have been misguided, speculation, secretly increase, bundling tying sales. From January to October 2017, a total of 210 real estate control policies were released nationwide. As mentioned in the report of the 19th National Congress, ” The house is for living, not for speculation ” and the Joint Inspection of Price starts to be implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the problem of difficulty in buying a home is expected to be eased.

The history of the development of China’s housing market over the past decade shows that the size of the sales market today is driven by housing prices, money supply, land supply policies, population movements in the process of industrialization, spatial and spatial distribution of cities in medium, small and medium sized cities, and regulatory policies that change frequently A variety of factors together determine. New policy guide is expected to reverse the situation in which China’s economy is kidnapped by huge real estate, making the economy more healthy. Housing return to health will also bring the healthy development of the surrounding industries. In particular, smart home appliance manufacturers are currently under development. Under the control of policies, the latter have chosen to cooperate with real estate companies in order to continue exploring and working together for the better life of Chinese.



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