Nowadays new retail is so popular, what is new retail? Generally, it means enterprises upgrade the production of goods, circulation and sales process through the big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology and reshape the business structure and ecosystem. As well, it’s a new retail model which is the integration of online services, off-line experiences and modern logistics.

Someone think the core of the new retail is not only the combination of online and offline, but also the combination of virtual and real. What’s more, they think 60%-80% of retail sales in china are new retail in the future. On the other hand, others think the new retail has just begun, it should be said that the start of new retail is a preliminary demonstration. And a year after people put forward the whole idea of new retail, people make a show through the double 11.

Alibaba completed a total turnover of 168.2 billion yuan in the “new retail start”, as well, according to the survey, the whole network transaction volume reached 253.97 billion yuan (RMB) in November 11 2017, it’s up 45% over the same period of last year.

Experience offline and then make a delivery through the application; the same price and same stock online and offline; order according to management procurement…… these is what we said “new retail”.











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