Thanksgiving Day, which originated in western countries, is always in the last Thursday of November. In western country, people will church thanksgiving pray in this day. As well, there are costumes and parades, theater shows or sport competitions in urban and rural areas. People will get together to celebrate this day, and there are some foods for this day such as turkey, corn food and pumpkin pie, it just like Chinese people will choose to eat dumpling in spring festival. There is no doubt that Thanksgiving Day is a day full of Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons.

As we know, there are three days off from Thanksgiving Day in the United States, if Americans are far away from home, they will also try their best to rush back to reunite with their families, Americans attach great importance to Thanksgiving Day just as Christmas.

Chinese, especially the students, start to celebrate Thanksgiving Day a long time ago. Everyone greets to each other face to face or send each other Thanksgiving text, and the people far away from home will call for their parents to express their gratefulness to them. Friends and family will gather for dinner to celebrate this festival. Also, there are some promotional activities at the mall. However, the atmosphere of  Thanksgiving Day in Chinese is not as grand as the western countries.



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