There is no doubt that iPhone X is a hugely diverse generation in the iPhone family. The screen ratio, Home button and fingerprint recognition with which we are already familiar have disappeared. However, face ID, the new screen shape and gestures bring people a very different experience. IPhone X brings freshness and fun to people, but iPhone X changes also need the cooperation of third-party applications.

According to the results of the relevant test, iPhone X will always have a white or gray virtual Home bar at the bottom of the in-app at full screen playback time. Also, these applications do not provide a magnification mode that can completely apply to the full screen at the time of horizontal screen playback, and there will set aside a black edge on both sides of the full screen.

What’s more, the in-app button may overlap with the system status bar, which will make it impossible to click. To someone’s embarrass, such as at the YouKu full screen ads page, the button back to the home and system status bar always overlap, so the user can’t click. Eventually users can return the home page only by finishing the process.

Another problem that may arise in adaptation applications is picture stretching. This is because the ratio of iPhone X screen is 19.5:9, which is more slender than other models, this kind of screen has led to a large number of adaptation applications, full-screen images have shown varies degrees of stretching.




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