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Who moved my TV-Cable?

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM With the development of the Internet these years, more and more families choose to buy a smart TV with streaming function. It is reported that in 2016 the global smart TV market size of $135.51 billion, and this market is getting bigger in 2017.

the pattern of viewers is also changed, people cancelled their subscriptions of television services over cable, they are called cord cutters.

This is not a good sign for the television industry, but from another point of view, with the increasing popularity of high-speed Internet services in most parts of the world, consumers are paying more and more attention to online contents,which also provide great impetus for the development of Internet smart TV industry.

The latest release of “2017 China TV Consumption and 2018 Trend Forecast Report” shows that the sales volume of color TV in the China mainland market was about 48 million units in 2017, basically unchanged from 2016.

The outstanding highlight from the report is that the market share of smart TV with streaming function has risen significantly, up 80% over the same period of previous year.

The popularity of Internet smart TV to a certain extent, affected the cable TV, STB(set-top boxes) and traditional television platforms market, especially in those Internet developed countries.

The same situation is happening in North America.From the Diffusion Group (TDG) report. the current share of cable television households is 81% in the US television market and is expected to drop by 26% by 2030. The TDG report shows that in the first three months of this year, the number of cable subscribers has dropped by 3 million.

More radical forecast is that the market share of cable TV will drop to almost zero in 12 years in China.

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