This article contains adult subject which may offend.

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Sex toys have always been a taboo topic in China, but we must admit that the Chinese market for adult supplies, which has nearly four times the population of the United States, is very huge.

The original adult tool only provides scene assistance, such as vagina masturbators cup, Vibrator etc. Today, adult products are beginning to expand to smart devices, with more and more products featuring voice interaction and networking capabilities. This means that smart gears for adults not only provide direct physical stimulation, but also psychologically for users to reach orgasm.

From another perspective, the most important issue that these products solved is how to be sex safely, Users can dream of making love with anyone on their list without worrying about the diseases, this is another important reason why we identify with these tools.

Smart dolls evolve further today. With the advent of cloud, VR and AI technologies, sex dolls are not only physically closer to humans but also emotionally more like real sexual partners.

Smart dolls can do the same smart functions as other smart appliances, User can download interactive voice they favorite, also can set its’ character. With the AI module embedded, the device can intelligently adjust the settings according to the user’s past usage behavior without having to set the parameters each time. The device can even order the best porn movies for you like dishwasher with Amazon service.


Therefore, the sex doll is no longer a private individual device, but a part of the clouds-based business platform. Device suppliers provide users with network storage, behavioral analysis, ROM updates, recommend VR helmet and other accessories and even precise AD push, which is really a huge system business.

Compared with the harmful consumption of drugs and alcohol, intelligent adult equipment has a more positive meaning.

The younger generation in China has not shown any exclusion toward these products, but the reality is that sex toys are not cheaper than real love.


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