BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM One of the most wellknown television brand TCL announced Neyma Jr. has been appointed as its global brand ambassador.

According to the document from TCL, Neymar Jr, a 26-year-old Brazilian football superstar, will appear on TCL TV and commercials of household appliances in next two years.


He will participate in a series of top impact, global, online and offline marketing campaigns for TCL. In additional, He will also work with TCL on a series of charity-focused initiatives.

Tomson Li, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation told HEAUS, “Neymar Jr. is truly a global sports icon who inspires fans to strive to reach the ultimate standards of excellence, just as TCL constantly strives for excellence in technological and product innovation. With sports fever set to spread all over the world this year, he is undoubtedly the best possible partner with whom, together, we can deliver an exceptional experience to our consumers.”

“I am thrilled to be partnering with TCL. It was an easy decision for me. I share similar values with TCL – the constant pursuit of excellence and great results in every game and I’m excited to work closely with TCL and support the company’s efforts to bring the global sports community together through football,” said Neymar Jr.

TCL Multimedia is trying to become a “global entertainment technology enterprise” that provides integrated entertainment solutions to customers.


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