BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Again, Haier integrates the global achievements of Haier, GE Appliances from the U.S., Fisher & Paykel from New Zealand, AQUA from Japan, Casarte and Leader at AWE 2018 in Shanghai. It is the 2nd year of launching smart leading strategy of globalization.

During the AWE, the ‘U+’ platform will present U+Smart Life X.0, starting the era of full-scene customized services with the double drivers of UHome OS and IoT+AI.

There are four problems related to Smart Home, namely difficulty in interconnection, passive operation, separated products and fragmented services. Haier became the first in the industry to address those problems with the support of the three major platforms under the “RenDanHeYi” model.


Haier released “4+7+n” full scene customized packages, provide users with customized smart life of the whole scene, aiming to build the top platform brand of Smart Home.

“4” refers to the four physical spaces of Smart Living room, Smart Kitchen, Smart Bathroom and Smart Bedroom.

“7” includes 7 full-room solutions covering air, water, personal care, CCTV, voice-control, health and information.

“N” is a variable, meaning that users can customize the scenes of the Smart Home based on their own habit. There can be unlimited forms.

On COSMOPlat, the largest platform for customized solutions in the world, products, services and solutions of Smart Home can be quickly and precisely implemented.

Haier sticks to the trinity strategy of localized manufacturing, R&D and marketing. Until now, it has built a global network of R&D, manufacturing and marketing covering 5 continents, introduced its products to over 160 countries and become the only company to truly realize globalization and coverage of its own independent brand which accounts for almost 100% of overseas income.


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