When talk about OLED TV, Chinese consumers will first think of Skyworth, which is top brand that have been the biggest sales in the Chinese market.

Last year, Skyworth OLED TV sales accounted for 46.0% of the total OLED sales in the Chinese market, followed by LG and Sony, of which LG sales accounted for 16% and Sony accounted for 14.9%.

The OLED TV is the self-luminous panel that LGD launched four years ago, it has become a distinct faction with Samsung’s LED-backlit LCD panel. However, due to its high prices in the early years, it was rejected by the major markets. From this year, the price of 55-inch OLED-TV is as low as 1,200 US dollars, high-end consumers began to pay more attention to OLED TVs.

The major TV brands have not taken the initiative to disclose the actual number of OLED TV sales, but from the analysis of LGD panel shipments, the number of OLED TV sales in 2018 might double from last year.


At AWE Shanghai, Skyworth officially published AI+OLED technology, Trochilus Extreme Engine, which was exhibited at CES early of this year. The AI chip can make OLED TV display better. Skyworth also exhibited Wallpaper OLED TV and crystalSound OLED TV.


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