LG did not deliver much OLED 4K HDR TVs at AW Expo Shanghai early this week, but claimed a new technology called HFR for its flagship OLEDs model.

What is the HFR? and what is the different from HDR?

Compare with SDR (standard-dynamic-range) , HDR or High Dynamic Range, making movie shows better contrast, greater brightness levels and a wider color range. HDR works on both OLED and LED LCD.

HFR stands for High frame rate, refers to higher frame rates than typical prior practice, video on TV typically operated at 50 or 60 images per second using interlaced scanning. HFR is created to improve motion performance for 4K contents.

Most televisions are running at a refresh rate of 30Hz, a few high-end TVs can achieve 60HZ output connected with HDMI 2.0a cable. and so on, 120Hz TVs are a great improvement over 60Hz TVs in particular motion blur reduction, HFR specifically refers to 120HZ refresh rate.4khfr.jpg

Do we really need a HFR compatible TV now? Honestly, first you need to wait there is a HFR contents delivery. So far, only a few HFR content and can only be watched online streaming for demonstration.

But LG said the HFR will be built-in in all of their 2018 OLED TVs and some premium Super UHD 4K HDR LCD models.


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