BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM According to a source close to Haier, Casarte, a high-end sub brand of Haier group, is planning launch its first TV product late of this year.

The brand name ‘Casarte’ is derived from the Italian words “La Casa”, which stands for ‘Home’, and ‘Arte’ meaning ‘Art’. Casarte is therefore a combination of both words – ‘Art of Home’.

An official document from Haier shows that the line-up of Casarte products cover 9 product types, refrigerators, cabinets for drinks, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, electric kitchenware, small-scale electrical household appliances, integrated kitchen cabinets and televisions.

But as we know, Casarte never produced any TV products so far.

In China market, Casarte sells electrical products at a price of nearly twice as much as competitive brands. The middle-class and above consumers in China are willing to spend more money to buy artistic appliances, which make them have an illusion of being a celebrity.

Over the past two years, China’s TV producers generally have a decline in sales and profits, to sell more high-end products is no longer a bad idea for relieving losses.

Samsung, SONY, and LG occupied the majority of top-level market share of TVs in China.

In recent years, local brands have also tried to participate in the competition for high-end products, such as OLED TV, Quantum Dot LED TV, laser projector.

Insiders believe that the top-level market of TV is too difficult for new brands. Brands like Sharp have had to gain market share by cutting prices last year,Casarte TV is not likely to sell higher prices like its refrigerator products.

Haier did not comment on the above rumor.


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