Recently, trade friction between China and the United States has heated up. US government may increase import tariffs of a series of products imported from China. TV manufacturers in China will be affected greatly if television product appears on the list.

China has exported 80 million sets of TV in 2017; among which, about 23 million sets have been exported to America, occupying 29% of the overall export volume.

Chinese brand TCL and Hisense held high proportion of the overall export volume to America; meanwhile, local American brands such as Insignia, Vizio, JVC and RCA placed a lot of orders to OEM (original equipment manufacture) in China.

Chinese TV exports the U.S. Market by brands share in 2017

From the structure of OEM, proportion of export to America of OEM such as GOTREND, New Century, HKC, and Tongfang in Chinese Mainland was relatively high; OEM from Taiwan which also have production bases in Chinese Mainland such as TPV, Amtran and Compal also exported products to America.

Among which, part of brands and OEM have built factories in Mexico, but the increase of tariffs will slow down the supply chain and lead to cost raise, which certainly will affect the overall demands of American market.


Chinese TV exports to the U.S. Market by size share in 2017

According to Sigmaintell’s report, global shipment of flat-panel television of the Q1 in 2018 is anticipated to be 51 million sets, which grows 2.6% on year-on-year basis. Chinese market still maintains negative growth, and it is estimated that shipment to Chinese market will drop 1.4% on year-on-year basis. (HEAUS)


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