BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Love to look for anything fascinate on Ebay? Heaus has learned exclusively. Skyworth TV officially launched on from April 11.

From now on, if search Skyworth on ebay TVs catgory, 31 results was found, 9 of them was sold by skyworth_usa, the official account of Skyworth USA.


The most expensive TV of results list costs US $799.99, which is a 65″ 4K Ultra HD HDR Android TV. The lowest price of TVs is US $139.99, a 32 inches HD LED TV for a smaller room.


Unfortunately, there are no OLEDs TV in the first TVs listed. As we know, OLED TV is a representative work of Skyworth. It may appear on eBAY in the near future. But we are convinced that Skyworth TV’s scale business in the United States has already begun. (Todd)


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