New Delhi, HEAUS Media Reports, Compared to the increasingly saturated Chinese mainland market, for the Chinese TV manufacturers, India, defined as an emerging market, is nearly a blank sheet.

On April 26, 2018, FFalcon Technology, which previously was the TV+ Business Center in TCL Multimedia, launches its new smart TV brand iFFalcon in India. Last spring, FFalcon launched its first products in China officially.


IFFalcon was not the first Chinese Internet TV brand to enter the Indian market. A few months ago, MI(Xiaomi) released three smart TVs in India and sold it out in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the booming growth in the usage of smart devices and the ever-increasing access to high-speed internet, consumer preferences in India are evolving at a rapid pace as it happened in China. Heaus learned.


“ In the very near future, FFALCON TV will lead the evolving trend of Chinese Internet TV with big screen, AI and smart home”,said Tony GUO, CEO of FALCON Technology, ” today in here, at the product launch event of the Indian brand, we are stepping out the first step of our international business expansion. India has a huge population and market size similarly with China. Here the smart TV industry is starting up with huge market potentials. We are willing and very glad to provide our excellent products and premium contents and services to the consumers in India”.


Heaus media was told that FFalcon is intended to further strengthen its leading market position in the consumer electronics domain.


“With high quality content, smart technology, and powerful hardware, FFalcon Technology provides the most fulfilling and enriching entertainment experience to its users” , Tony GUO added.

The 55-inch 4K Google Certified Android TV K2A priced at RS 43999 (US $659 ), Smart TV F2 Series in two sizes: 32-inch HD smart TV priced competitively at Rs 13,499 (US $200), and 40-inch FHD smart TV priced at Rs 19,999 (US $299). All TVs are scheduled available on May 7.   (Todd)


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