As one of globally renowned brands of Chinese electrical appliances, Galanz exported its microwave to world over 20 years. The Chinese brand Galanz comes from Shunde, which is “World Gourmet Capital”. Galanz is “no open fire smoke-free kitchen pioneer” and “intelligent home quality Life leader” in China today. And it also is one of National Top Ten enterprises in exporting kitchen appliances, refrigerators, air-conditioning, washing machines.

At the recent 123rd Canton Fair, Galanz’s open system, named G+ smart Home system, which can link microwave ovens, electric ovens, steam ovens, Internet refrigerators and other types of smart appliances, made many customers praise.

Galanz top technologies show in cantonfair

Anthony, an Indian merchant, was attracted by the steaming all-in-one Q6, because Q6 can make a variety of world cuisine, including Indian classic pancakes, curry rice, steamed fish with Cantonese characteristics, and double skin milk. He thought that high-end smart kitchen appliances, which make it easier to cook Chinese and foreign food, would have a good market in India.
Because of work, Anthony came to China several times a year and loves Chinese food, but it is confined to share these delicious food with friends in his country. He believes that using Galanz electric steaming furnace. Steam oven, micro steam baking machine such appliances, can also enjoy Chinese cuisine at any time in India.

As we know, with the idea of low-carbon cooking, healthy diet, food degreasing and reducing salt, and also keeping the original flavor of the original juice, Galanz successfully invented the steaming electric furnace in 2005. In the past 10 years, Galanz has integrated the cooking techniques of the Shunde chef into the steaming electric furnace, which combines the traditional culinary skills and modern home appliance technology to make the “steamed” the ancient and complex cooking style easy and easy.

In order to solve the traditional fire steam with less steam, temperature fluctuations and high requirement in cooking experience, Galanz smart steam oven which uses special pulse direct injection steam patented, can instantly produce a large number of high-temperature steam.

Equipped with intelligent and accurate temperature sensing and superheated steam generator, dozens of Chinese and foreign food menu which Galanz smart Steam oven provides users, make the average home users can cook delicious food as Shunde senior chief.

The head of Galanz foreign trade company expressed customizing the market consumption preferences of high-end composite functional products more and more in different countries in recent years. Galanz exported to India’s intelligent micro-baked machine loaded with automatic menu more than 200 , “In accordance with the needs of different countries and regions to customize the consumer demand for household appliances, Galanz micro-steaming one machine, steaming furnace will speed up popularization along with One Belt, One Road national market. ”


In order to meet the dietary needs of different countries and regions, Galanz organized performance engineers, cooking engineers and national marketing executives to conduct in-depth market research every year. Studying different country food cooking, Galanz combined the Chinese Classic food menu and local recipes to be applied to the microwave oven, toaster, electric steam oven and other cooking appliances.

From the 90s of last century, when Galanz started international operations, it has been more than 20 years. In the new era, as Chinese domestic household appliances, Galanz meets the need of most of the world’s consumers. Meeting the demand for global consumption upgrading, Galanz constantly products quality appliances, improves the connotation of independent brand, and improves the value of international business.


It is recognised that with the “national household appliances” and “quality household appliances” localization strategy in-depth promotion. Galanz household electrical appliances exports have achieved steady growth in the European Union, the United States, South America, The Belt and Road along those countries and regions. Galanz microwave ovens, refrigerators, ovens, dryers, dishwashers and other quality home appliances export achieved number and value rose. The average annual export growth rate of The Belt and Road along a country is more than 15% nearly 5 years. (W.bin)


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