Fake award, fake expert, fake data, Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. apologized to the World Health Organization for a fake news story.

On May 17th, an article reports that Haier air-conditioning won the WHO experts awarded the “Global Health Air Leader Brand” award in a conference “Global Indoor Air Purification and Human Health” held in Beijing.

But the World Health Organization made a declaration denying the matter in a week.

On May 25th, WHO issued a statement saying that they did not issue Haier or any other manufacturer “Global Health Air Leader Brand” and never made any evaluation or assessment of Haier’s products or services. Wang Hongcai is not a WHO expert at all and his remarks cannot represent WHO at all.

The WHO statement also pointed out that Haier claimed that its AC air purification is better than the WHO guidelines, and is distorting and misleading the public opinion, and will reserve the right to legal prosecution.

May 27th, Haier officially made an apology, saying that Haier “fully recognized” WHO’s statement. Related stories were deleted. (Todd)


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