BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM. According to sources close to OLED-TV manufacturers, 65-inch OLED-TV price could drop under 20,000 yuan (US $3,000) by the mid of June in China.

Now, the price of 65-inch OLED-TVs is around 33,000 yuan in China, if rumor comes true, it means that 65-inch OLED-TVs will be sold at 40% off.

Just this time last year, price of 55-inch OLED-TVs dropped below 10,000 yuan(US $1500), and the market responded positively.

The market has reason to believe that price-cutting will impact the high-end TV price system in the second half of the year.

Currently in the United States, LG and SONY’s 65-inch OLED-TVs sell for an average of $3,500.


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