BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM from Qingdao China. The only international show specializing in consumer electronics in China ratified by the State Council,China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES), raised its curtain on July 20, 2018 in Qingdao International Exhibition Center.

A hundred of news media covered the grand opening ceremony attended by domestic and international famous purchasers and brand enterprises. The exhibition covers a total floor area of 24000 square meters with 967 standard booths for nearly 170 exhibitors. Hundreds of senior government officials, business executives and industry experts take part in the show and sideline meetings, in addition to 130 purchasers from 36 countries and regions including Russia, the United States, Germany, India, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Hong Kong SAR.

Famous companies such as Haier, Hisense, Jingdong, DJI, Aucma, and EMV of Canada, as well as 150 SME in intelligent home, new energy car, balance car, 3D printing, VR, intelligence security and robot participate in this SINOCES, which is a grand event under the theme of “Creating and Sharing of IOT World” and will surely boost the intelligence industry and promote application of intelligence science and technology.

On the 2018 SINOCES, a “future life experience area” forged by the 2018 SINOCES in collaboration with Haiermake intelligence hardware innovation platform presents innovation science and technology products and intelligence IOT solutions focusing on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computation and new retail in a scenario manner for personal participation of the visitors. Besides, visitors can experience smart travel, smart fitness, smart education, smart medical care, unmanned new retail and the prototype room of smart home in the exhibition area of unmanned technology.

Being a new electronic product for travel and entertainment, balance car has been the symbol of green and fashion. The “New Era Dynamic Balance Car Cultural Festival & 2018 China Dynamic Balance Car Competition Qingdao International Open Championship” bring a splendid visual feast to the spectators by its innovative individual competitions and group performances. In regard to green and environmental friendly travel, EVCARD new energy car under Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation will register new users for $88 coupon and free use of the car for two hours.


Under the “Made in China 2025” strategy, 2018 SINOCES continues its exhibition of 3D printing in collaboration with SANDISHIKONG Group, the largest 3D printing service platform in China, to integrate platform resources. Domestic famous 3D printing enterprises are invited to demonstrate 3D printing and other applied technology integrating food and medical treatment.
In addition to the new products, interaction, competition and performance, 2018 SINOCES will hold 2018 China (Qingdao) International Big Data Summit Forum on July 21 to provides a platform for technical exchange and industrial communications, to which Prof. Dr. Kai Mertins, the presenter of German Industry 4.0, Dr. Ling Zong, a scientist with IBM of America, the Vice Chairman of BMW Brilliance, and senior executives from Alibaba, Haier and Hisense will be invited to discuss over the future trend of big data to step up healthy and sustainable development of big data industry and expiation of market. The Forum will have two additional sub-forums, namely Sino-Germany technical exchange and commerce sub-forum and navigation big data development sub-forum to analyze the world development of industrial technology and application of big data in various fields.

The 7th “China International Consumer Electronics Leader Award” will introduce global open capital institutions to boost innovation development strategy and encourage the transformation and upgrading of consumer electronics industry. It will exhibit the products that represent the industrial trend and lead the market development to encourage enterprises for independent innovation, to share market opportunities and integrate into IOT world. 2018 SINOCES has a dedicated exhibition area of 200 m2 for the winning products of the 7th “China International Consumer Electronics Leader Award”, where visitors can have a close look of the winning products and understand the most innovative products, technology, design and mode of interaction.

2018 SINOCES is held under the theme of “Creating and Sharing of IOT World”. It will further integrate the upstream and downstream enterprises in consumer electronics industry through presentation of the leading products and technology as well as the industrial trend, coordinate the links in R & D and market application, help the upgrading and updating of intelligence science and technology products by means of exhibition platform and effects. Besides, 2018 SINOCES will vividly present current application of IOT and mode of innovation and interaction experience, forge an international intelligent electronics industrial ecosphere integrating the functions such as representation of the development trends of consumer electronics, cultivation of start-up technology-based enterprises, commercialization of products, and communication and exchange of domestic and overseas enterprise information technology, so as to provide new growth drivers to the reform and development of global consumer electronics industry. (SINOCES)


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