HEAUS Reports from Qingdao, On July 20, 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao, as a platform dedicated to the promotion and application of smart technologies, Haier was invited as a pioneer and standard setter for smart home to participate in the SINOCES 2018.

At SINOCES 2018, Haier not only set up the “Smart Home” exhibition area, but also held a smart home development summit forum, at which Haier announced that it has more than 5 million smart home users.


Haier not only ranked the number one brand of major appliances in the world in volume sales for 9 consecutive years, but also become leader of the Smart Home eco-brand in the Internet of Things(IoT) era.

On the opening day of SINOCES, Fortune magazine released Fortune’s 2018 GLOBAL 500 annual ranking of the largest companies in the world on its official website, Qingdao Haier, one of the subsidiaries of the Haier Group hit the list.

In the Haier exhibition area of SINOCES, the site layout is just like entering the ‘future family’. Different from the display of a single product in the traditional exhibition area, Haier’s smart home appliances are placed in different physical spaces such as kitchen, living room and bathroom, which together show visitors the “future-style” smart life.

Haier’s Refrigerator, Air Curtain, Ice Bar and other products also won the ‘Leader Innovation Awards’ of the year.


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