Big News to Chinese Automobile Market

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM For Chinese environment, Chinese government plan to implement the “Double integral policy” on April 1, 2018. Even though that day is April Fools' Day, but for most of automobile manufacturers and importers, that was not a joke.   According to the announcement of Chinese government, the traditional passenger car companies with annual or... Continue Reading →

You Have Black Friday, We Have Double-11

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM At this weekend, if you have a Chinese girlfriend, you will find that she is shopping on the Internet with crazy. Don’t be afraid, she is find. The reason that your Chinese girl got crazy is that day is Chinese Black Friday: Double-11.   Famous as Singles Day in the west, November 11... Continue Reading →

News of week(10.30-11.3.17)

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM To understand the world in a better, wiser way, that’s the news you won’t want to miss. Can iPhone X sale save iPhone’s middle-aged crisis? A few days ago, iPhone X which equipped with a full screen began to snap up. As it was reported by media, the sales on the E-commerce... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s (china) renamed the “Golden Arches”

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Recently, the famous fast food enterprise- McDonald’s accidentally became popular. The message that McDonald’s (china) renamed the “Golden Arches” have been known by a lot of internet users, some users have said that it’s too hasty if McDonald’s (china) just want to cater to the Chinese market, at the same time, others have... Continue Reading →

What is “November 11”mean to Chinese

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM “Double eleven”, a singles day in china, is an entertainment festival which spreads to young people. Chinese singles day is first produced on campus, and then it is spread through the network and other media, gradually there formed the culture of bachelor. As for the origin of the singles, it is still a... Continue Reading →

News of week(10.23-10.27.17)

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM To understand the world in a better, wiser way, that’s the news you won’t want to miss. [Amazon Key: get your packages securely delivered just inside the front door] When you’re away from home, but the package you ordered is about to deliver, what could you do? Amazon Key help you to... Continue Reading →

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