How to conquer the appliance market of North America?

[Multi Languages]BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM from Dallas If Chinese brands have the chance to conquer the appliance market of North America, which steps should we consider are appropriate? 君欲征北美,驱骑应何为? Almost all home appliance brands in China are aiming at the vital global market, which they think has unspeakable importance to their worldwide strategy. Their main ambition,... Continue Reading →

‘QLED TV’ should be called QD-LCD TV?

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM,Ten billion yuan, equivalent to 1.4 billion US dollars, it is the expected yearly sales of Quantum Dot TV for coming year in China. A conference called 'Quantum international forum' was held today in Beijing, as leader of the quantum dot TV market, TCL Hisense and Samsung attended the conference. But according to... Continue Reading →

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