BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM, Berlin. 2018, the 80th anniversary of the Metz brand, Metz launched a whole new brand ‘METZ blue’ and established its dual-brand business model. Metz classic remains occupy the high-end market in Germany.


METZ blue will be more inclusive and younger, by adhering to constantly pursuit of the frontier of science and technology, retaining the traditional core of German craftsmanship and manufacturing, combining advanced technology, leading design and excellent quality.

Through establishing a base in Germany and expand the sales area to reach the world with a more affordable price and a new brand image, Dr, Norbert Kotzbauer
The CEO of METZ told Heaus, from September METZ blue will be launched in Europe, India and Hong-Kong.
METZ blue launched the high-end smart TV “AI TV” series at IFA 2018. AI TV represents not only the Artificial Intelligence in ecosystem, but also the Artistic Inspiration of design, the Aesthetic Image of picture quality, the Acoustic Instrument of the sound quality, and the All-In-1 system.

In terms of product layout, METZ blue’s ambition to create a truly “AI TV” is reflected in its combination of OLED TV, Android TV, Netflix TV and Coocaa lite TV.


Not only adhering to the “Made in Germany” standard in picture, sound and design, but also getting a position that ordinary television cannot reach in content, interconnection and future technology.

Founded in 1938, Metz started designing and producing televisions in 1955 with 8 major products and derivatives. Designing and manufacturing in Germany, with superb display technology, first-class auditory effect, makes Metz very valuable.  (Todd)


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