On August 16th, 2018, the new scene of the Living Window TV was officially unveiled and released in Beijing. TCL released XESS’ new positioning strategy and also released four luxury art TVs, which announced that it had sold 100 million RMB with real estate developers.

The conference innovatively restored a family house to the stage, using 3D holographic projection technology to capture the combination of art and technology.

Wang Cheng, senior vice president of TCL Group and CEO of TCL Electronics, announced that XESS has been upgraded to a luxury sub-brand at the conference, and signed SUI HE to become the XESS brand ambassador.


XESS Living Window TVs are available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes at a price of US $1,750 (11999 yuan) and US $2,900 (19999 yuan).


XESS Living Window TVs designed appearances of three-dimensional aesthetics, decorative aesthetics, new styling aesthetics, and oriental aesthetics, allowing consumers to choose their own products and home styles, breaking the traditional need for home improvement TV background wall to set off the TV.



The launch of the new XESS Living Window TV is a benchmarking move, making home appliances no longer a simple home appliance, but a family scene based on data contact and data mining.


Honestly, the style and creativity of new XESS TVs are close to the European TV brand Loewe’s  line of products launched at IFA last year.(Todd)


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